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James Harden Roasts Blake Griffin After Being Asked About The Clippers


Only a month ago, the NBA Twitterverse was set alight after the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers reportedly got into it following a heated matchup where the Clippers came out 11-point victors.

The likes of former Clipper Chris Paul, James Harden, and Trevor Ariza all reportedly stormed the Los Angeles Clippers' locker room through a secret passageway after the final buzzer, apparently looking for Austin Rivers, who was having words with Ariza during the game... while sitting on the bench injured.

Police were reportedly called to break up the confrontation and stayed to make sure the two teams stayed as far away as possible from each other until Houston left the Staples Center, so it's safe to say things were about to reach the tipping point if police didn't get involved.

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The two Western Conference teams have formed a bit of a rivalry because of past events, as well as the movement of Chris Paul, and MVP candidate James Harden was asked about this budding rivalry prior to their next matchup on Wednesday. When the topic of former Clipper Blake Griffin was brought up, Harden's memory seemed to fail.

Is there some sort of animosity between the two All-Stars, or is Harden just poking fun at the fact Griffin doesn't play in LA anymore?

One thing to remember is that James Harden and Blake Griffin were in the same draft class together, with Blake going first, and the Beard selected third overall by the Thunder. So maybe there's a little bit of resentment there on Harden's end because of that?

Whatever the case, it'll be a treat to watch the Rockets and Clippers face off once again, and anything less than what we saw last game between these two teams will be a disappointment.