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Jalen Rose: "Kawhi Leonard Wants Out of San Antonio."


The San Antonio Spurs have always been an organization cut above the rest. While other teams rebuild and tank, the Spurs continually compete and find new ways to win. Their system of sharing the ball and committing on defense is one that has been the model for years.

But, no matter how good the Spurs are, there's always one element that keeps the team relevant: stars.

First it was the big three in Manu, Timmy, and Tony. Now it's Kawhi Leonard. With him running taking over the crown of leadership, the Spurs have been able to stay dominant despite being in the increasingly unforgiving West.

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According to reports around the league, though, the Spurs may be in danger of losing that prized superstar... and it could signal the end of a historic dynasty.

At first, claims trickled down slowly about Kawhi being "bothered" by his team's handling of his rehab process. He disagreed with how it was being done. New reports, however, seem to indicate there's much, much more going on. Here's what TV analyst Jalen Rose said of Kawhi and his relationship with the Spurs:

To sum it up, Jalen describes a rather broken relationship between the Spurs and Kawhi, stemming from the team's inability to attract free-agents. Jalen points out that playing the "Spurs-way" isn't necessarily easy work, and may deter from other stars hoping to play their own style of basketball.

Whatever the case, things within the Spurs organization appear more dysfunctional than they've bene in a very long time. Without Kawhi, the team would be nothing more than a shell of its former self. if the Spurs are willing to part with him, it could mean the team is ready to embrace a long-avoided rebuild.