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Jae Crowder's Father Called His Son To Roast Him For His Poor Play This Season With The Cavaliers


The Cleveland Cavaliers started their season off pretty poorly, even falling out of the top eight after injuries and poor defensive play plagued the team for multiple weeks.

Thankfully for LeBron and Co., they've all seemed to get things back on track and are starting to win games again -- well, almost everyone has gotten things back on track.

Jae Crowder, who was involved in the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston and netted the Cavs Isaiah Thomas, hasn't been his usual self as of late, as all of his averages have dipped dramatically from his time in Boston. Granted, he is now playing behind LeBron James and is receiving fewer minutes, but even then, his shooting and defense have all gotten significantly worse since his arrival in Cleveland.

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And it's not only us who's noticed this, as Crowder's own father, Corey Crowder, called out his own son for his poor play last week, via The Athletic:

"Corey Crowder called his son, Jae, on Tuesday with a stern lecture. Never again should he play more than 20 minutes and not grab a rebound, Dad said. Corey Crowder played briefly in the early 1990s with the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs. He knows his son’s capabilities."

What prompted this call? Across two games, Jae was on the court for 46 minutes and didn't grab a single rebound. Not one. He also only scored 5 and 9 points respectively over those two games. Not good at all.

But judging by Crowder's following performances against Sacramento, Indiana and Philadelphia, the call seemed to have worked it's magic, as Crowder 13 rebounds in those three games.

Hopefully for Crowder, and Cavaliers' fans sake, Jae can pick it up a bit later on in the season.