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J.R. Smith's Miracle Baby Looks Just Like Him (Minus The Tattoos)

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith and his family have been through a hell of a lot the past few months.

Smith and his wife Jewel welcomed their newest daughter Dakota into the world all the way back in January. The thing was though, Dakota was born five months premature.

The thing is though, Dakota was born five months premature.

Usually a baby born that premature has a very slim chance of living, which in the Smith's case, must've been horrible to think about.

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The Lord works in mysterious ways however, and little baby Dakota beat all the odds and was able to finally leave the hospital 5 months later in May in the arms of her parents.

Now, already 7 months old, little Dakota is beginning to develop looks like her father.

If you ignore the tattoos and facial hair obviously, Dakota already resembles her father, especially in the eyes.

Here's to wishing Dakota and the Smith's continued health and wellbeing.