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J.R. Smith Speaks Up About The State Of America


J.R. Smith is quite often recognized for his comedic and entertaining comments about life and basketball.

But the Cleveland shooting guard also has a serious side, which we got to see a little bit of this morning, after Friday morning's shootaround in Ohio.

In light of J.R. decision to step away from his teammates during the national anthem before Monday night's scrimmage at the Q, he was asked a series of questions regarding his opinion on the state of American affairs. Here's what he had to say, via Joe Vardon of

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"We obviously didn't discuss what we were going to do as a team, and I definitely, I don't feel, it's not an easy situation for me with the national anthem," Smith said . "Especially coming from where I come from, it's just not. I don't feel like it's represented the right way, obviously, it's a tough conversation for everybody, and it still needs to be, I wouldn't say talked about, because there's been a lot of conversations about it, it's time to start doing. What efforts are we going to put towards it?"

It is to be noted that Smith, in the past, has always stayed in the locker room to stretch during the national anthem. So, his decision to come out on the floor at all should show how much he wants to spread his message.

Shirtless tours, crazy comments, and highlight plays are all nice. But taking a stand to fix a divided nation? That's something J.R. can really get behind.