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J.R. Smith Sends Interesting Tweet In Response To League Memo Reminding Teams They Must Stand For National Anthem


It's not everyday that sports and politics collide in such a way that captivates the entire country.

But, today, sports has taken such a stand in American politics, nobody can ignore the issue any longer.

In the NFL, players have elected to kneel during the national anthem in response to racial injustice and prejudices present in the country today. While the NFL has taken a special stance on it, the NBA has notably taken on the issues too.

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Recently, in light of NFL players kneeling for the anthem, NBA league execs sent out a memo reminding teams and their players that the association has rules in place requiring the players to stand during the anthem.

Well, JR Smith sent out a very sarcastic and interesting tweet in response to that memo.

"Yeah Ight"

Ahhhh, JR, only he can sound so controversial with two simple words.

We'll see if the tweet means the shooting guard intends to kneel for the anthem, or if it's alluding to something else entirely.