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J.R Smith Plans To Name His Daughter Something Very Unusual


Naming your own offspring can be a very difficult experience, any parent can atest to it. Some parents spend the better part of the entire 9-month pregnancy thinking of potential names for their baby, while others think of them only a few seconds after the birth of the child.

Regardless, the child will carry that name for the rest of their lives, so parents better have some good names lined up.

The Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith knows all too well of this struggle, as he already has three children -- all girls -- with his wife, and has a fourth -- also a girl -- currently on the way.

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Smith and his wife Jewel seem to be fond of the letter D, as two of their three children are named Demi and Dakota, and the fourth daughter on the way will apparently also be named with a D, but with a name far more unusual than Demi or Dakota.

Speaking Wednesday morning at the Cleveland Cavaliers' shootaround, the former Nugget said he and his wife will be naming their fourth daughter 'Denver' -- after the city he called home for much of his NBA career.

Smith spent five seasons in the Mile High City from 2006-2011, where he averaged double figures in scoring each year. Alongside Carmelo Anthony, J.R. was a key piece om the Denver squad that went to the 2009 Western Conference Finals.

Denver definitely isn't the most common name, especially for a girl, but it's obvious that J.R. Swish is extremely fond of one of his former teams, and is choosing to honor it in the highest way possible.