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J.R. Smith Hacked Again, Posts Troubling Message On Facebook


It's been a busy couple of weeks for Cleveland, hasn't it?

GM David Griffin has been fired, rumors of LeBron moving to LA next year are the strongest they've ever been, and multiple trade rumors involving Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are making their way around the internet.

But one player we haven't heard much about this offseason is shooting guard J.R. Smith. That is until his official Facebook account posted this insane message.

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Smith promptly deleted the post, and went to Twitter to claim he was hacked.

As some of you may know, this isn't J.R.'s first run-in with social media hackers.

Smith's Twitter account was hacked after Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, claiming the Cavs would take out the series in 7 games.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.57.57 AM

Of course, the Cavs took Game 4, but lost Game 5, falling to the Warriors in 5 games, rendering the prediction useless.

Whether J.R was actually hacked or not, we will never know, but one things for certain: J.R. has got to change his social media passwords ASAP.