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Isaiah Thomas Takes Subtle Shot At Kyrie Irving After Kyrie Tunes In To Thomas' Instagram Live Stream

NBA Trade Grades For Mega Deal: Kyrie Irving And Isaiah Thomas

In the relatively new world of social media, athletes today have many avenues to connect with their fans and other athletes. Back in the day, the only way players could communicate with fans was through the media or meet and greets. Now, with the advent of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it's easier than ever. And Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas is taking full advantage of that.

The newest Cavs guard went live on Instagram recently, shooting around with his kids inside Cleveland's training center. Various NBA players tuned in, including Russell Westbrook, but one name stood out in particular. Kyrie Irving.

If you haven't been living under a rock, you'd know that Kyrie Irving was involved in the trade that sent IT to Cleveland, so there is bound to be at least a little animosity between the pair, especially when you consider they went head to head in the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

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Being the confident player that he is, Thomas took the opportunity, with the world watching, to set some goals for himself, obviously trying to get into Kyrie's head:

​​"Big C's, look at that Big C," Isaiah said, pointing the camera at the Cavs logo on the court. "I will average at least 25, I could do that in my sleep. I'm a professional scorer, I do that in my sleep."

IT is definitely feeling confident about next season if he can guarantee a 25 PPG season next year alongside LeBron James and Kevin Love, but after everything else he's achieved thus far in his career, I have no doubt he can accomplish this.

The impact both Kyrie and Isaiah have on their new teams will be a very interesting storyline throughout next season, believe that.