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Isaiah Thomas Takes A Shot At The Haters With Amusing Shirt Worn To Cavs-Rockets Game


Even though Isaiah Thomas may be out of action for quite some time, it doesn't mean the Cavs soon-to-be starting point guard still can't have a little fun during games.

Only standing at 5'9, Thomas has had his fair share of haters throughout his career, up until this day even, and during the Cavaliers' away game against the Rockets in Houston, IT decided to poke some fun at the haters à la Russell Westbrook.

If you can't make out his shirt, it says:


Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 5:00PM


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Short, simple, and to the point. Much like Thomas himself.

The shirt is actually a reference to a tweet IT made back in August of this year.


Isaiah has never been afraid of coming to blows with haters, either in the media or on social media, openly jawing directly and indirectly with fans about his place in the league. I mean, who could forget this tweet?


We can only hope Thomas keeps up this level of savagery up until his return to make his debut for Cleveland, which is slated to be around January-February.