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Isaiah Thomas Mysteriously Followed A Huge Free Agent Star On Instagram


The 2017 NBA Regular season has long been finished, and it was fun. The NBA post-season just ended with the Warriors winning the crown again. It was fun. But now that the offseason has officially begun, it's time for the real action to begin.

It seems Isaiah Thomas is already making some mysterious gestures, right on Que.

A little less than 12 hours ago, Isaiah Thomas followed Gordon Hayward on Instagram. Why could this be important? because Hayward is one of the biggest free-agents available this summer, and the Celtics have a real chance to get him.

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The follow could mean a lot of things. It could mean that I.T. is trying to lure Hayward to Boston, the two have already agreed to join forces in Boston, or that the two have become good friends. Or it could mean nothing, and Isaiah Thomas is trolling us all.

Regardless of whatever reason it is, it's certainly enough to raise some curious eyebrows. If Hayward does chose to come to Boston, it could spell the end of LeBron James' run to the Finals. But if Hayward choses to go elsewhere, the Celtics would miss out on a pretty big piece.

So yeah, this simple follow could mean absolutely nothing. But for the real conspiracy lovers out there, it could mean the start of an awesome Celtic dynasty.