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Isaiah Thomas May Have Just Taken A Shot At The Rest Of The Cleveland Cavaliers With These Comments


Since his debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers and his return from a hip injury that kept him sidelined for almost half the season, Isaiah Thomas has had a tough time returning to the form that made him an All-Star and MVP candidate back in Boston before the trade.

All of IT's counting stats, as well as shooting percentages, are down compared to last year, which was expected considering his injury, but no one thought things would be this bad for Thomas and the Cavs. Isaiah is averaging a poor 15.2 points and 4.1 assists per game in 26 minutes per contest, with his field goal percentage down in the mid-30's.

Despite his poor performances so far this season, and his short tenure with the team, that didn't stop IT from calling out the rest of the Cavaliers' effort on defense after Cleveland's embarrassing 32-point loss to the Houston Rockets at home.

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That's right, Isaiah Thomas, who is considered to be one of the worst defensive players in the league due to his small stature, is calling out the rest of the Cavs for their defensive struggles. How ironic. To be fair to IT though, defense is about 70% effort, even more at times, and in the game against Houston, it seemed that Thomas was the only player out there actually trying on defense despite his shortcomings. Okay, maybe not...

Hopefully Thomas' harsh words, coupled with the verbal beating LeBron would've given the team in the locker room encourages the Cavs to play a little bit more defense moving forward.