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Isaiah Thomas Loses It After Fan Wrecks Him For Requesting Not To Receive A Video Tribute In Boston


The only thing more anticipated than Isaiah Thomas' long-awaited return to the court was his long-awaited return to Boston. After the team traded him to Cleveland over the summer and subsequently severing their relationship with the star in the process, things have gotten pretty dramatic, to say the least.

And, even though I.T. has been ruled out for tomorrows game against his former team, the matchup will only serve to prove tha point even more.

After news broke of Thomas requesting not to have a video tribute in Boston for Wednesday, one fan laid into him about his ego, questioning the move in an extremely aggressive way.

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Granted, Thomas' decision to request no tribute is a bit of a head-scratcher, but it's certainly not without its reasons. Here's how the triggered point-guard responded:

Talk about a serious burn, huh? While Isaiah did enough to shut the fan up here, it still doesn't seem to fully explain why he rejected the tribute video.

Either way, this little rivalry between Thomas and the Celtics doesn't appear to be lightening up any time soon.