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Isaiah Thomas Has Responded After Paul Pierce Got Mad Over Video Tribute


There's no doubt that Isaiah Thomas was one of the most exciting players in the league last season, leading the Boston Celtics to the first seed in the East, as well as having a career year for Beantown in 2016-17.

Almost the entire NBA was behind Isaiah last year, especially after some of the life events he went through during the playoffs, but it seems Paul Pierce, a Celtics legend, wasn't too keen on honoring IT on the same night PP was due to get his jersey retired.

Paul Pierce went on record to say that "he wasn't sure he wanted to see Isaiah highlights on the same night his jersey was getting retired."

Well, Thomas got word of Pierce's comments -- and why wouldn't he considering how fast it spread -- and wasn't too happy with PP at all.

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IT had this to say about Pierce:

"I don't know why they're so mad about it, I'm not taking nothing from Paul Pierce," he told NBC Sports Boston.

Obviously, given everything Thomas has done for the city of Boston, he has the right to be a little upset with Pierce's comments. Hell, I would be too. Isaiah played for Boston the day after his own sister died, and a Celtics legend has come out to say he doesn't want a small video package played when he returns because it's his night?

There is definitely room for both tributes to happen during the same game, as IT's video package will be 2 minutes max and can be played after the first quarter, whereas PP's jersey can be hung up at halftime.

For IT's sake, and Pierce's reputation, I hope the two can come to an agreement on proceedings.