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Is LeBron's Latest Purchase A Hint That He's Leaving The Cavs?


If anybody knows how to spark some rumors on the internet, it's LeBron James. Granted, he's not necessarily looking for all the attention, but it is just something that comes with the territory of being the league's best player. And with LeBron James' Free-Agency looming for next summer, it has only made matters worse.

So when The King decided to purchase a new house recently, it's no surprise that it now has people talking. James bought the house for $23 million, and no... it is not in Cleveland.

The house is in Los Angeles. Take that news for what it is, but the LeBron/Lakers rumors have been flying for ages.

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Between Magic Johnson taking over the front office, the team being riddled with young stars, and the franchise having tons of cap space to spend for the upcoming summer, the stage is set for an LBJ arrival. On the flip side, LeBron's latest purchase could be nothing more than a refreshing new vacation home.

EIther way, it's clear to see that LeBron's love for Los Angeles is as real as it gets.

Whether or not that love translates to his decision on where to play basketball has yet to be seen, but we can surely have some fun before that day comes, right?