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Is Derrick Rose Overrated Or Under Valued?

Is Derrick Rose Overrated Or Under Valued?

We all know the story of Derrick Rose. The youngest MVP ever, one of the most explosive athletic guards to lace up and step on the court, the major knee surgeries. But what has come of him now? Rose played this last season in New York and while some might say he underperformed, I say he played great.

Whether we the fans, the Knicks or other teammates liked it or not, Carmelo Anthony was going to be the first scoring option on the Knicks this season. He's earned the right to be that with the 2013 NBA scoring title under his belt. Kristaps Porzingas a second year player has proved himself worthy of earning himself the next 'franchise player' once Melo moves on, and that leaves Mr. Rose, who finished the year averaging 18.0 points per game, 3.8 rebounds and 4.4 assists, not too shabby if you ask me considering most nights he was either the second or even third scoring option on that team.

A new issue now arises in New York with the question looming over free agency and the loyalty of both Carmelo and Derrick. Carmelo has recently been linked to cheating on his wife Lala, who Carmelo described as one of the reasons he would not move in free agency as his wife's career involved being in New York. Yet with their marriage on thin ice, or already over does this mean Carmelo will finally leave New York? Derrick himself has been linked to the Spurs for a change of scenery and which many believe would be a great move for him and potentially a ring in the near future him he chooses to team up with Kawhi and LaMarcus, and of course Coach Pop. Derrick can still be deadly given the right place and time.

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What we the fans now need to understand is that Derrick Rose is no longer the MVP of the league, he won't be the best player on the planet again. However, he can't still be a great weapon and even an All-Star again. We need to stop comparing him to his old self and now compare to another boarder line All Stars. Kyrie Irving in 2016 averaged 19.6 points, 4.6 assists and 3.0 rebounds per game. While being regarded as one of the leagues most crafty and skilled players. Those stats are very similar, yet one is ranked 10 Point Guards in the league by multiple sources, eg. Bleacher Report, ESPN, and the other is sitting around 25.

However what was stopping the greatness that we all (not really) expected from the new big 3 in New York this year? Phil Jackson seems to be taking a backseat and letting the fire burn uncontrollably, and Porzingas recently showed anger in the way the team operates by not showing up to the final media day in New York. The best guess that can be drawn is that no members of the Knicks wanted to be there the past season, with losses on the regular and the rumors flying left and right no player could gain a rhythm which proved to be a horrible outcome on the season, even Rose.

Although he may not be what he once was, Derrick Rose is still one of the leagues better Point Guards. He's shown very much he can hold a team on his back like he did in Chicago, so what's stopping him now.