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Injury Update: Young Sixer Making Serious Strides On the Comeback Trail


The injury "bug" is more like a curse for the city of Philadelphia.

Every year, it seems the Sixers are plagued by an injury to one of their main young stars. First, it was Joel Embiid, who missed a ridiculous amount of time with foot troubles. Then it was Ben Simmons, who missed his entire rookie campaign due to a foot injury. And, finally, there; Markelle Fultz, who has missed the last 20 games with a supposed shoulder injury.

His shoulder was causing some major shooting problems, which raised many red flags before he was evidently shut down on October 29th.

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How is he doing now? Apparently, he's come a long way. Pain-free and gaining strength, Fultz will be re-evaluated in three weeks, where an official return date will likely be named, per John Schuhmman.

Even without this year's #1 pick, the Sixers are doing well, donning a a 13-11 record through 24 games. Between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the team surely has enough fire-power to excite everyone in Philly.

Still, going any further past the first round seems like a long shot for this young squad. With that fact in mind, the team's real focus is in the same place it has been the last few seasons: youth. And Markelle Fultz, he's a big part of that. He may be the finishing piece of this thing we call "The Process."