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How the NBA Is Planning To Battle The Coronavirus In The 2020 Season

How the NBA Is Planning To Battle The Coronavirus In The 2020 Season

The coronavirus interrupted the lives of many people around the world. With the cancellation of the NBA season 2020, the fans were deeply saddened and were convinced the year will be terrible.

That is until the NBA announced they are starting up again. However, the league will put down a strict set of rules and guidelines for the players, coaches, staff, and everyone else there to follow.

Unfortunately for the fans, this means that they can't go to the games or watch their favorite celebrities sitting court-side.

The NBA decided to continue the games after releasing a 113-page long set of guidelines. It clearly details their battle plan and how they are planning on continuing the games while the dangers of the virus persist.

The NBA is planning on using masks, promoting hand and respiratory hygiene, reducing the use of shared spaces, and carrying out rigorous disinfection procedures. They will also strictly monitor health, as well as test everyone to be safe.

The games are starting on the 30th of July, and many websites, like, are planning on keeping the fans updated with various news and stories.

22 teams are set to play in the Orlando Disney World campus, where the NBA will lay down strict social distancing rules. Many people there will have to wear a device that sets off automatically if there is another person within six feet for over five seconds. That means the NBA is going in well-prepared.

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They will also strictly monitor blood oxygen levels, as well as body temperature with advanced wearable medical tech.

The NBA also clearly said that the players who don't follow the rules will be warned, fined, shortly suspended, or kicked out from the campus. They will also be sending any staff members that don't adhere to the rules home without any prior warnings.

For the fans worrying whether the NBA will shut down again if someone tests positive, relax. The 113-page document they released clearly states that they will not shut down if someone has the virus. Instead, they will go through the clearly stated procedure to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.

If a person on campus does test positive for the coronavirus, they will be put into isolated housing if there is no need for hospitalization.

If the positive comes back as false, then the other person must still stay in isolation until all the symptoms pass, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention clears the patient in question through their procedure. The CDC will carry out two consecutive tests over 24 hours apart. Other than that, the patient will need to be cleared from a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases.

The NBA required all the players who wished to play to be in the team's home market by the 23rd of June. That means the teams are finalized now, and they can't enter any other players.

The teams arriving in Orlando will be put into self-isolation, and each person will be tested. Unless they test negative in two consecutive tests for over 24 hours, they will remain in isolation.

The NBA will also reach out to all the close contacts of each player, coach, or staff member to see if any of them test positive for the virus.

When players are staying in Orlando, they will need to follow strict instructions for their own and other people's safety. That is why all the teams will need to attend an educational session that will cover all of the rules with a few days of their arrival.