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Houston Rockets Set Insane New NBA Record In Game Against Charlotte

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

There's no doubt that Rockets' GM Daryl Morey is a man who knows what he's doing when it comes to team building and creating an identity for a franchise, and this cannnot be more true after the Houston Rockets' game against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday.

Morey's message is simple to the Rocket's roster. Either aim for layups, dunks or three-point shots. Don't settle for anything mid-range, as they are far too inefficient. Since acquiring James Harden back in 2013 and slowly building the roster around him, Morey finally has the team he wants, with Harden running the show surrounded by a bevy of three-point snipers.

Last season Harden and the Rockets, with new coach Mike D'Antoni's offense installed, smashed the existing three-point record for most three's made in a single season, hitting 1181 triples across the season. But the latest record broken against Charlotte just illustrates how far gone the Rockets are with 'Moreyball.'

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That's right, the future is now in the NBA, and Houston is the team that's going to drag us through it. The Rockets put up 85 shots against the Hornets, 57 of them -- 67% -- coming from deep. That is just insanity. Houston hit 22 of their 57 triple attempts, good for 39%, compared to Charlotte's 11 of 29 from deep. As you may expect, the Rockets dominated with a shooting discrepancy like that.

With a current record of 5-2 -- sitting fourth in the West while awaiting star PG Chris Paul's return -- the Rockets aren't going to be straying away from their winning formula by any means this season. It'll be up to the rest of the league, apart from maybe the Warriors and the Cavs, to keep up with the trend.