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Heartbreaking Report: Devin Booker Was Seen Leaving Toronto Airport In Wheelchair, Holding Crutches


When Phoenix star Devin Booker had to be carried off the court Tuesday night, the etire Suns franchise held their breath.

With so little to offer and no promise of a secure future, Devin Booker was the Suns' only real hope of pulling things together. Being hailed as one of the most promising young guards of today, Book could cement himself as an All-Star as soon as this February.

But on Tuesday, the 21-year-old shooting guard got a little dose of bad luck when he went down with what the doctors are calling a groin injury. The diagnosis seems legitimate enough, of course, but it could be a lot worse than everyone originally thought.

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In this video by TMZ, the star is wheelchair-bound and holding crutches with a very defeated look on his face.

Hopefully, it's just another overblown story. But if the pieces do fit the puzzle here, then it means bad news for the Suns, and to all of basketball in general.