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Have the Morris Twins swapped places for the Wizards' series against Boston?


I know you may think this is a joke, but hear me out. This may be the most interesting NBA conspiracy theory since the 2002 Western Conference Finals debacle.

The theory in question involves the Morris twins, both Markieff and Marcus. To make things clear from the get-go, MarKIEFF plays for the Washington Wizards and MarCUS plays for the Detroit Pistons, remember that.

Markieff Morris suffered an injury to his ankle in Game 1 of the Wizards' series against the Celtics, which put him in jeopardy for Game 2.

Lo and behold however, Game 2 comes and Markieff is perfectly healthy and starts for the Wizards. A bit fishy huh?

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That's where the conspiracy comes in. Some people are speculating that Markieff didn't actually heal up from his ankle injury, and instead, enlisted the help of his identical twin brother Marcus to suit up for the Wizards in place of him.

Crazy right? But how would anyone be able to tell the difference? They are identical.

Not only are the identical in terms of facial features and hair etc., they also share the exact same tattoos.

Of course, like most conspiracy theories, this one is probably false, but there's still that part in me that believes it, just for a moment.

What do you think?