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Giannis Speaks On Upcoming Free-Agency


For the Milwaukee Bucks, everything hinges on The Greek Freak. As they scramble to make the playoffs this season, the team faces the possibility of losing their biggest star in the seasons to come.

And while chances look good for them keeping Giannis long-term, there's definitely no guaruntee he's staying there for good.

On Eurohoops, Giannis was asked about his eventual free agency, and this was his answer:

If the time comes... because the NBA is business... Even my team, the Bucks, they might say to me: "Giannis we have not won the title after five years. You are our leader, so why we don't win?" And they will bring another guy. They might do this move.

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We have to win a championship with my team. For sure the right moves should be made in order for this to happen. Nobody won a championship by himself. You have to get the right players. The front office and the general manager have to do their work too. Everyone has to work. Everyone has to work on his part in order to win a championship.

If I do my part and some others don't, then a change would have to happen... If this change does not happen, then, the Bucks can move forward without me, or I can move on without the Bucks.

However, my goal is to stay here and win a championship with my team.

Winning a Championship in Milwaukee will no doubt prove to be challenging, as has been evident by his time spent with the team thus far. Simply put, the Bucks aren't exactly a glamour franchise, and getting them to the top will be no small task.

Still, there are worse places he could be. Giannis recognizes that but is also willing to test that out if things don't pan out how he hopes.