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Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Proclaims That Medical Marijuana Should Be Allowed In The League


Remember David Stern? The boring old guy who vetoed the CP3 trade during his tenure as NBA commissioner?

If you forgot about him, you're not alone. Since handing off his position to Adam Silver, Stern has disappeared from the public eye entirely. But recently, the former commish had a talk with ex-NBA player Al Harrington on Uninterrupted about the state of marijuana in the league:

"I'm now at the point where, personally, I think [marijuana] probably should be removed from the ban list," Stern admitted. "I think there is universal agreement that marijuana for medical purposes should be completely legal."

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The statement is hardly ground-breaking, as a high number of people think the same thing world-wide. But as strict as Stern was back in the day, it's hard to imagine him being open to such an idea.

As for Al Harrington, his time has been spent as a cannabis advocate, as he uses his sports platform to raise awareness for the cause whenever he can. He's even gone so far as to produce a Marijuana documentary on Uninterrupted, in which he illustrates the use of the drug in professional sports and why it should be okay.

The big issue here is not necessarily about Harrington or even Stern but on Adam Silver. Does he share the same view as his predecessor, or will he stand on his own views?