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Former NBA All-Star's Mother Named As Suspect In Drug Trafficking Case

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This has to be one of the stranger pieces of news involving an NBA player this year, that's for sure.

According to TMZ, a house owned by former Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh was the subject of a police raid for drug trafficking. Now, before you panic, Bosh was not the person police were after. Instead, the police had Bosh's mother, Frieda Bosh, on the warrant.

According to the Dallas Police Department, there was a fair amount of incriminating evidence inside the home.

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"A large amount of drug paraphernalia was recovered consistent with narcotics trafficking."

Officials believe that the narcotics in question that were being trafficked out of the home were mainly crack cocaine and heroin.

Bosh has a pretty rough run since taking leave from the NBA back in 2016 due to various blood clots that threatened his career and ultimately his life. Thankfully -- somewhat -- for CB though, police aren't treating him as a suspect in the case, per TMZ:

"We don't believe Chris has any connection short of owning the house."

Obviously that news is bittersweet, as Bosh's mother is still a suspect, and you can bet Chris is worried sick about his mom and her future.