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Former Heat Teammate Feels Confident LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Can Win Another Title Together


When DWade and the Chicago Bulls came to a buyout agreement, it didn't take long for the 12-time all-star to figure out where he was going next.

And why would it?

After playing 4 seasons in Miami together, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade became more than fellow Champions on the basketball floor. They became good friends, and that freidnship stayed strong even after LeBron left to Cleveland.

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Now reunited, they will have another chance to re-live thier success together. Many have thier doubts, but if you ask the last member of that famed Miami "Big Three," he'll put his money on his former teammates.

When asked by TMZ Sports if he thought James and Wade could win another title together in Cleveland, Chris Bosh responded with a confident "of course."

It's sad to see Bosh miss out on this Miami reunion with health issues keeping him sidelined. But its also nice to know that Bosh is rooting for his former teammates like he always has.

With the NBA season approaching, nobody knows what'll happen to the Cavs, or to Bosh. But even if everything goes sour this upcoming year, they all, at the very least, still had one hell of a run.