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Former Celtics Champ Faces Serious Accusations By Online Catfish


If you've been keeping up with the news lately, you'll know that a lot of serious and innaproriate accussations are being made about numberous high-profil individuals. A seemingly never-ending list, it's as if a new accusaation is made every day.

While in this case the accussation is nothing as serious, it could still change the life of the one involved.

It involves Ray Allen, a former Celtics champion, famous 3-point shooter, and a married family man. He recently got into some trouble online, when he started talking to someone online, which led to a stalking charge and a bit of a damaged reputation.

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He claims he is a victim of catfishing and has asked a court to throw out the case completely, just one day after Bryant Coleman told the court he is being stalked by the 10-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion. After originally reaching a deal to keep everything quiet, things have reached a boiling point between the two, after Allen was convinced that Coleman broke the agreement.

How exactly Allen got caught up in all of this is unknown and, frankly, very suspicious. He was obviously not using his time wisely, and thus started a chain reaction that put his whole family at risk

As everything eventually does, this will likely blow over... with time. But hopefully this "catfish" situation blows over quick, or the mess could continue to get bigger.