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Flat-Earth Theorists Have A New Beleiver


Most of us figured the Boston Celtics would be pretty good this season. After gearing up over the summer by attracting two big-name superstars, they plugged their biggest hole and most glaring weakness seemingly overnight.

As such, they were instantly hailed East contenders, and were expected to give teh cavs a run for their money.

Even with as good as we all thought the C's would be, however, nobody saw this coming. 16-2, 16 game winning streak, 1st in the East? That's nothing short of spectacular.

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And after Monday's comeback win in Dallas, where Kyrie scored 47 points, they played so well that it has Danny Ainge contemplating the very basics of environmental science.

After the Dub, Ainge expressed his excitement and pride by sending letting this tweet rip on the internet, which should obviously not be taken literally.

Because Kyrie is well known for his outlandish (and pretty ridiculous) flat-earth theories, this is a pretty amusing shout-out by the Celtics GM.

On a serious note though, Kyrie Irving has Boston headed down a path it hasn't seen since 2010, and it could come at the expense of the very team he left to make it all possible.

Regardless though, nobody can deny the Celtics dominance this season any longer. At least for now, they're the best team in the East, and probably the best team in the NBA...