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Everything You Need To Know About The NBA Schedule Release

Everything You Need To Know About The NBA Schedule Release

The NBA schedule for the upcoming 2019-2020 season has been released. There are some interesting matchups in store. Additionally, TV coverage will also be more consistent for the coming season. It can be exciting to watch the NBA and place some money on which team will come out victorious.

You may be wondering what does moneyline mean. The moneyline is fairly simple to understand. It describes which team will win or lose, and does not take specific points into consideration. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the scheduling of the upcoming season.

1. There Have Been Changes in TV Start Times

One of the most significant changes to the upcoming season is that some start times have been changed. This is due to a decline in viewers from last season. The NBA has now made timing changes that suit East Coast viewers. There will be earlier viewing times for nationally televised NBA games. The result will be more viewers able to watch big games. The timings have been put half an hour earlier for some games. Other games may start an hour or two earlier than last season.

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2. Lakers Have a Good Start

The scheduling list has been kind to the Lakers. Their first ten games are against relatively easy opposition. On paper, they should win at least 7 or 8. In the grand scheme of things, ten games aren't a whole lot. But, a good start has the potential to improve the mood around the camp. Starting the season with a good record can produce momentum which carries on throughout the season. Only 4 of the Lakers first 11 opponents made the playoffs last year.

3. Warriors Have a Difficult Finish

In contrast, the Warriors have been given a very difficult run of fixtures to end the season. Five of their last seven games will be played on the road. The opposition will be Houston, Spurs, Lakers, Clippers, and Kings. These are strong teams who will definitely give the Warriors a tough ride. The conclusion of the Warriors season will be very interesting to note. Their playoff chances could even depend on them getting through this difficult patch with a good record.

4. National TV Games

The national audience will have a chance to get a look at more players and teams. The rights for the NBA have gone to ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV who will share these national games. The Lakers have the most nationally televised games with 43. The Warriors come second with 42. The Clippers and the Rockets both have 38. The Sixers will have 36, and the Celtics will have 34. Fans will be able to enjoy a ton of nationally televised regular-season action.

Closing Thoughts

You should now be ready and pumped up for the new season to begin. The scheduling has drawn up some interesting early clashes that will be very interesting to watch. The favorable TV coverage means that more viewers will undoubtedly tune in for these contests. All NBA fans should be excited that they will get to witness even more regular season action.