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ESPN Picks The Teams With The Highest Chance To Receive The Number One Pick


The NBA landscape has changed so much in a year. This summer saw a record number of stars move to new teams, which has greatly impacted the standings of each conference.

Last season, teams like Brooklyn, Philly, L.A., Orlando, Dallas, and Phoenix were contending for lottery spots, hoping to get a high pick in the draft.

But the summer of 2018 has brought a lot of change to that list.

A list by ESPN's BPI Index indicated that which teams have the best chance at that number one pick in 2018:

1). Chicago Bulls - 18.8% Chance

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2). Atlanta Hawks - 14.3% Chance

3). Brooklyn Nets - 11.0% Chance

4). Sacramento Kings - 10.4% Chance

5). Phoenix Suns - 10.1% Chance

The Bulls, Hawks, and Nets are considered the worst teams in the league at this point, which is a pretty big turnaround from last year.

And the Top three worst teams all come from the East, which goes to show just how weak the conference is.

So far, it's hard to disagree with ESPN on this one, but stranger things have happened. Will these squads play as expected, or will they shock the world by exceeding expectations?