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ESPN Messes Up Coverage Of College Basketball Game With Strange Editing Mid-Game


Well, it looks like someone at ESPN is getting fired this morning.

Sometimes it's hard trying to provide live coverage of sports to millions of viewers at home every night, and due to how many games channels show daily, regardless of sports, there's usually gonna be some mistakes made in the video truck outside the arena.

Mid-way through the second half of a college basketball matchup between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Purdue Boilermakers -- which was being broadcast by ESPN -- the feed suddenly changed from a drive to the basket in Iowa to a shot of an empty Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

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Whatever button the guy in the truck hit, it obviously wasn't the right one, as I bet a fair few college basketball fans were irate with the sudden change on their TV screens.

As expected, many took to Twitter to voice their frustrations -- and jokes -- with the network after the error.

In case you tuned out once the broadcast switched over temporarily, the number three ranked basketball team in the nation stomped Iowa, as Purdue put up 87 points compared to Iowa's 64, moving on to 19-2 on the season.