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Enes Kanter's Final Message To OKC: "Please Beat The Warriors For Me."


When news broke of Carmelo Anthony's trade to OKC, it sent waves of excietment throughout the league. People were pumped to see Melo, Westbrook, and PG on the same squad.

At the same time though, there was sadness sweeping through, as the Carmelo era came to a dramatic close. He had been New York's best player for years, and then he was gone, in a flash, just like that.

But perhaps one missing story here is Enes Kanter, who is one of the players being moved. His connection and love to the city knew no bounds. When Kanter was going through his political struggles, the team supported him through it all. And despite all the criticism thrown his way, Kanter always demonstrated respect to the place he had called home for three years.

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In his final message to OKC, he gave the city a heartfelt goodbye while asking the fans for prayers in his path ahead. And, among other things, he issued the team his last request: to beat the Golden State Warriors.

It's a long shot, of course. But if anyone is rooting for them to do the impossible, it'll be Kanter... from his new home in New York City.