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Enes Kanter Was Told Not To Return By Teammate If He Got Picture With Kevin Durant


Even though it has been over a year since KD's big announcement, people are still pretty salty about the whole thing.

Last summer, Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors and left his old OKC Thunder teammates in the dust. While the Thunder have fared well since his departure, Durant's big move definitely sent shockwaves throughout the league.

OKC fans and basketball fans everywere were quick to show their dissaproval of his choice. But the most severe hatred had to have come from his former teammates.

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On the Timeout with Taylor Rooks podcast, OKC big man Enes Kanter tells a story that may reveal just how far that hatred goes:

"I'm not going to tell who, but one of my teammates, a couple of weeks before that scrimmage game, said 'If I see one picture with you and KD,' because he knows that KD lives in the same apartment as me, 'don't come back to OKC. I'm not going to tell who, but he said that... After the scrimmage game, 45 minutes later, he called me and said, 'Did you talk to him?' He heard about the game, so he asked me if I talked to him if I was friendly or not if I was on his team. I said I wasn’t on his team, and he said, 'You’re lying, I watched you on his team.' I said 'Ok, I was on his team a little bit.'"

Basically, it all started from the moment KD brought his talents to the Bay. From then on, his former teammates in OKC felt an understandable disdain for him.

That disdain made itself known in a simple pick-up game, when Kevin Durant and some other stars were hosting a scrimmage game, which Kanter chose to participate in. The fact that he was willing to "hang out" with Durant definitely got on some of his teammate's bad sides. And because of his close proximity to Kevin Durant's home, there was already some negative hostility to begin with.

As far as which of his teammates that story was about has not been made known. And (wisely) Kanter has refused to shed any light on that matter. No matter who it is though, it serves a very strong reminder that not everybody has moved on from Durant's big decision.