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Enes Kanter Says Russell Westbrook Will Retire As A Member Of The Thunder


Following Kevin Durant's departure from the Thunder, the entire city of Oklahoma turned against their once-beloved MVP, calling him a host of names and booing him relentlessly when the Warriors faced the Thunder inside Chesapeake Arena, as most fans would when their star player packs up and leaves for another team.

On the other side of the coin, the Thunder squad became a tight-knit group led by Russell Westbrook, with every player having the full support of the Oklahoma City faithful. This support led to selfless play from everyone on the OKC roster, both helping Westbrook play out of his mind, averaging a triple-double for the entire 2016-17 season, as well as making the playoffs as the sixth seed.

This selflessness isn't lost on Thunder center Enes Kanter, who was acquired by Oklahoma City in 2014, who backed his captain when asked about Westbrook's loyalty.

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In the interview with Sports Illustrated, Kanter praised the MVP candiate, commenting on how loyal he believes Westbrook to be.

​"One thing I saw about him is he's a loyal guy. I understand he's from L.A. He loves L.A. He goes to L.A. every summer, but he's a loyal player. I think he's going to finish his career in Oklahoma City."

Kanter believed every word he spoke, and we should too, as Russell has been quite outspoken about how he plans to remain loyal to the Thunder franchise for the rest of his career.

If that's a decision made to spite Kevin Durant for leaving, or just because he genuinely likes Oklahoma City, we will never know, but it's fair to say Thunder fans shouldn't be afraid of losing their superstar point guard.