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Enes Kanter and Jerami Grant may regret talking trash to Kevin Durant

Credit: Fox Sports

Credit: Fox Sports

In a 26 point defeat of the Oklahoma City Thunder on national television, the Golden State Warriors reminded us of an important unwritten rule in the NBA: You don't poke the bear, especially when that beast is one of the greatest scorers in NBA history.

But if you do wind up agitating a great player, at least be in a position to fight back against them. That clearly did not happen last night.

22-year-old versatile forward Jerami Grant showcased his raw potential with this brutal poster ->

but then he immediately followed that up by screaming into the face and bumping into the chest of one Kevin Durant. A guy that drops 20 in his sleep, and can produce in a game what Grant will do over the span of a month.

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So it's no surprise that what immediately followed was utter annihilation ->

The Warriors went on a 44-14 run directly after the Grant taunt, with 26 of those points courtesy of Kevin Durant himself. Steve Kerr said it best:

Enes Kanter has a reputation of being an irritant. This is a guy who during the 2013 Eurobasket laughed at his national team for losing a game in which he did not play, threw passive aggressive shots at his former team the Utah Jazz who were glad to trade him and spent much of this summer throwing passive aggressive shots at Durant via twitter.

So last night him chirping at Durant was no surprise, despite the fact that he was on the bench because his defense is so bad that that he becomes borderline unplayable against the Warriors. There is a reason Steven Adams, Nick Collison and Andre Roberson were silent, but Kanter could not help himself and his is antics nor a blank 3-minute performance did his team any favors in this blowout loss.

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There is a lot of bad blood between Durant and his former teammates, that much is obvious. The rivalry between the Warriors and Thunder remains intact, but it would do OKC some favors to not provoke Durant into going on dominant scoring runs. Especially when those players are powerless to do anything about it.