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Dwyane Wade Reveals Why He Left Miami After Buyout With Bulls, Takes Shot At Miami Front Office

D-Wade New York Knicks

Late Sunday evening, Dwyane Wade reached an agreement to be bought out by the now-rebuilding Chicago Bulls. Wade, being the competitor he is, didn't want to hang around on a roster that wasn't built to win, even if it was his hometown team, and decided to take his fate into his own hands, requesting the Bulls to payout the majority of his $23.8 million contract so he could become a free agent.

D-Wade was interviewed shortly after the buyout was made public, and was asked if he has ever regretted leaving the Miami Heat.

Wade came back with a well-thought-out response, with a bit of added spite thrown in for the Miami front office.

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The 12-time All-Star stated that he definitely did miss some parts about playing in Miami, but he was ultimately turned away from resigning with them due to the lowball offers Pat Riley and the Heat were putting on the table, so Dwyane took it upon himself to go and play for his childhood team, the Chicago Bulls. But, after one year with the Bulls franchise, he will continue his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Shams Charania, one of the best shooting guards in NBA history will sign a one-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After three seasons, he will reunite with the best player in the league and his friend, LeBron James.