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Dwyane Wade Reveals Where He Wants To Play His Last Game


Before we could blink, the awe-inspiring duo of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade was split, after LeBron darted for for a return to Cleveland.

And, then, before we could blink, they were back together, ready to dominate yet again.

Yeah, obviously a lot happened in between those "blinks." But it never changed the dynamic of the two stars' on-court chemistry and locker room friendship. That's why nobody was surprised when Wade ultimately elected to re-join LeBron.

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It was basically an inevitability. Even with all that being true, Cleveland may not be Wade's final stop. Because, even as much as he loves King James, home is always where the heart is.

No, really. In a chat with the Associated Press, Wade literally said that Miami is "always in my heart," among other things, of course.

"Miami, the door's always unlocked. One day I want to retire in a Miami Heat jersey. I don't know how that will happen, but I definitely want to make sure that when I decide to hang it up, that jersey is on. Whether it's being back there or signing a one-day deal like Paul Pierce, I want to make sure that I go out the way I came in."

For Dwyane Wade, Miami will always hold a special place in his heart. After spending 13 years in the city, and going on his 15th season in the NBA, he has forged a legacy that very few can match.

Now, at 35 years old with his career coming to an end, he's made it clear that he wants to end his legacy the same place where it all started.