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Dwyane Wade Hilariously Reveals How To Stop Steph Curry

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation)

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation)

As one of the best shooters in NBA History, Steph Curry is not an easy man to stop. Whether it's popping a three pointer or driving to the rim for a circus layup, he can hit your defense in a myriad of ways. With very little any team can do to stop him, any strategy that might slow him down would be very valuable.

Dwyane Wade, it seems, has one strategy that could work. And he revealed it to the Twitter world.

You heard it there first! The key to Steph Curry's magic isn't about technique or workouts. Rather, D-Wade jokingly reveals that it's Ayesha's cooking all along. Known for her superb cooking ability, Ayesha Curry has been featured on several occasions for her magic in the kitchen. And that magic is something even her husband's competitor, Dwyane Wade can admit is special.

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But, obviously, this joke isn't really about Ayesha's cooking. What's really going on here? Wade is admitting that Steph is basically impossible to stop. From one superstar to another, respect and reality is being thrown towards Steph's direction.

So, in case you had your doubts about just how unstoppable Steph Curry is, you can put them to rest. Even a legend as great as DWade is willing to admit that his offensive star power is nearly impossible to stop.