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Dwyane Wade Has His Say On The LeBron-Jordan Debate


It's one of the most fought over topics in basketball history it seems: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

The debate has raged on for the past 10 years at least, and even after all the accomplishments LeBron has racked up over the past decade, it doesn't look like we've managed to progress at all in the argument over who's the better player.

Everyone has their opinions on the matter -- and yes, that even includes other NBA players, they're fans just like the rest of us -- and you can guarantee that either former or active NBA players are going to offer their take on the storied debate every season.

This season is no different, as best friend of LeBron Dwayne Wade was asked on who thinks is greater -- LeBron or MJ.

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Considering the fact that Wade And James played four and a half years together on the same team -- 2010-2014 in Miami, and then earlier this season in Cleveland -- you wouldn't be blamed if you thought Wade would go with his Banana Boat buddy LeBron. But you'd also be wrong if you assumed he's answer with James.

“He’s [LeBron] one of the game’s greatest players. Arguably the greatest,” Wade said. “I favor Michael Jordan. … So it’s one and two of the greatest players of all time and I get an opportunity to play against one of them.”

Wade does say that James is easily number two on the list of all-time greats, but he has to side with MJ as the undisputed GOAT. And it's no wonder, as Dwyane Wade is a Chicago native, growing up in the area, and would've idolized Jordan during his childhood.

Regardless, D-Wade realizes it's not every day you get the chance to face off against one of the game's best players ever, and said he savors each game he gets to go head-to-head against LeBron.

“Every time I look forward to the environment. I look forward to the competitiveness, the competition of it. And I want to walk away with the win. So he got me by one right now and I need this. It’s our last time facing him this year so I definitely want to even it out.”