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Dwyane Wade Fires Back At Kyrie Irving For Trash Talking Cleveland


It certainly has not been an easy departure for Kyrie Irving.

Ever since his trade request was made public a few months ago, things between him and Cleveland have been shack, to say the least.

Things haven't really slowed down in that respect either, as Kyrie has made some pretty damning comments about his former team.

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He's been throwing shade all summer toward the Cavs and the city of Cleveland, even saying that he was in "real" sports city in Boston. Whatever the case, Cavalier newcomer Dwyane Wade recently fired back at the All-Star guard and came to the defense of his new home.

In an interview with ESPN, Wade gave his thoughts on the whole ordeal:

“I’ve always tried not to be too, me personally, oversensitive to what I read or what somebody says because I wasn’t there when they said it,” Wade said to ESPN. “Because you just don’t know. Boston is a big sports town. It has the history there. … If you’re Cleveland and the way they were left, you read it one way. If you’re a sports fan somewhere else, you read it another way... My thing has always been — even in Miami — first of all, you never know where you’re going to be, what’s going to happen, where you’re going to end up, who you’re going to be teammates with,” Wade said. “You just never know those things, so I never want to leave a place and talk s— about a place."

While the words are far from being down putting or "savage," they definitely ring with a sense of truth. It's probably never a good idea to trash the place you just left, especially after all the success the franchise has brought you.

In three days time, we'll get to see a Kyrie vs Cleveland butt heads for real, and we'll see how that goes. But in the meantime, it won't hurt to take note of all the behind-the-scenes beef going on.