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Dwyane Wade Demotes Himself To Bench; J.R. Smith To Start For Cavs


It didn't take long for the Cavaliers to shake things up.

The plan for the team was to start LeBron, Wade, Rose, Crowder, and Love, while bringing guys like J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson off the bench. But after just three games in, that plan doesn't seem to be going as well as they'd hoped.

The team barely beat a Hayward-less Celtics team o opening night, and got blown out at home by the Orlando Magic (yeah, you read that right). So far, the Cavs only had one dominating performance, which came against the Bucks on Friday, where the team won 116-97.

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In response to the Cavs relatively slow start, and his mediocre performance, Dwyane Wade has requested to come off the bench, according to

The move means that J.R. Smith will return to the starting line-up, as he had for most of last season.

It will be weird and unusual to see Wade coming off the bench, bu the move is something the shooting guard feels is the right thing to do:

"Before I decided to come here -- when I was thinking about coming here -- we talked about the team, what the team was and we both talked about the opportunity for me to kind of lead the second group," Wade said Monday. "But we also both talked about what I have always done my whole career -- I've always started. Our goal was to try and see how it was, but I just decided early rather than later just to get to the unit I would be more comfortable in and can probably be better with this team. Why wait? Three games in, why wait to get in there with those guys."

The Cavs' next game is on Tuesday, against the Chicago Bulls in Quicken Loans Arena.