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Dwight Howard Has Been Fined $35K For This Hilarious "Obscene Gesture"


Dwight Howard used to be one of the funniest players in the NBA back when he dominated the Eastern Conference in 2009-2012 with the Orlando Magic, and he still proves it from time to time, but I don't think anything Howard has done previously lives up to what he did to a fan against the Charlotte Hornets' game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

During the second quarter against the 2016 NBA champs, for some reason, Dwight decided to commit an "obscene gesture" towards a fan in the stands with a smile on his face, and no one can explain why he did it, except for himself of course.

Well, after his antics against the Cavs, the league office has come down hard on Howard for his actions, fining the center $35,000 for the gesture.

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It's Howard's fifth fine of the season already, the first four coming from techinical fouls Dwight has collected so far.

Howard finished the game with 20 points on 7-14 shooting, as well as 13 rebounds, but it wasn't enough, as the Hornets fell to Cleveland 100-99.

Never stop being you Dwight.