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Dwayne Wade Wanted To Go Back To Miami So Bad, He Was Caught Sneaking Around Behind The Cavs' Back


In almost every case, home is where the heart is. And that statement could not be more true for Dwayne Wade.

Wade -- who is nearing the end of his career -- was recently traded back to where it all began, Miami, Florida, in a move that saw the Cavs recieve a second-round pick from the Heat so Wade could return back to the team that drafted him after a two-year vacation.

After not being offered enough money by Pat Riley in 2016, Wade elected to return to his actual place of birth, Chicago, to play alongside Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo. His stint with the Bulls was less than spectacular, as the Bulls barely made the playoffs and were bounced out in the first round by the Boston Celtics, despite a valiant effort from Rondo.

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Unhappy with the team's roster after trading away Butler to Minnesota, Wade was bought out by the Bulls this past offseason, and after clearing waivers, signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers to join up with his old pal LeBron James.

According to James however, Wade was never truly happy after leaving Miami two years ago, and was always longing to return. He wanted to be back in Florida so bad in fact, he was often caught checking the Heat's scores in the locker room.

It's obvious that Wade belongs in Miami, and for all intents and purposes, should have never left in the first place if the front office decided to pay him what he was worth based on his loyalty to the franchise over his career. Thankfully for Dwayne, Heat fans, and fans of the NBA, Flash looks like he'll be hanging up his jerseys in the American Airlines Arena for good once all is said and done.