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Draymond Green Thinks This Young Boston Star Should've Replaced John Wall In The All-Star Game


It seems LeBron's All-Star team is under some sort of curse, as after the All-Star draft went down, three players have gone down to injury and will miss considerable time, including the All-Star game itself.

Due to the injuries, replacement players have been chosen by NBA commissioner Adam Silver to suit up for LeBron's team. DeMarcus Cousins' replacement was Paul George, and Andre Drummond was selected as John Wall's replacement after the point guard underwent knee surgery, and will be sitting out the next two months.

But according to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, someone else should've been replacing Wall.

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That's right, shooting guard Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics should be suiting up for LeBron's team instead of Andre Drummond according to Green.

Brown, who is only in his second year in the NBA, has been having a pretty good year, starting alongside Kyrie Irving in Boston's backcourt. Brown has improved almost every facet of his game, lifting his rookie averages to 14.1 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.1 steals a game on 46% field goal shooting and 37.5% from deep.

With many people considering Andre Drummond to be one of the players snubbed from the initial All-Star ballot, it made sense for Silver to replace Wall with the Detroit center, as Drummond is averaging 14.7 points, and leading the league in rebounding with 15.1 a game.

That's not to say Brown doesn't have another chance though, as Kevin Love recently went down with a hand injury, and will be missing the next 6-8 weeks, so Silver will need to find another replacement for Team LeBron.

It's unlikely Brown will be chosen, as many are betting on either Ben Simmons, Kemba Walker or Goran Dragic to replace Love, but it must be good for Jaylen to hear Draymond's glowing endorsement.