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Draymond Green Says If The Warriors Choke In The Playoffs, There Could Be Some Major Moves Coming


The Golden State Warriors, for all intent and purposes, have been head and shoulders the best team in the NBA for the better part of four years now. Boasting two NBA championships, three Finals appearances, a two-time MVP, and four NBA All-Stars in the past three seasons, no team has come close to the success the Warriors have enjoyed since 2015.

The squad Golden State's front office has assembled has remained somewhat the same since they became the NBA's best team, as apart from the addition of Kevin Durant in 2016, the Warriors have held on to key pieces such as Shaun Livingston and 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala as well as their core, only adding specialty players like Nick Young and JaVale McGee, as well as rookies picked up during the draft over the years.

But according to 1/4th of the Warriors awesome foursome, if Golden State fails to impress this postseason, we could be in-store for a major roster reshuffle this offseason.

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2017 Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green sat down with The Athletic's Anthony Slater, and spoke about the Warriors' championship hopes this season with the rise of the Houston Rockets, Steph Curry's knee injury, and the ever-looming presence of LeBron James in the East.

"To think you are going to win a championship every year is unrealistic" Green told The Athletic. "We all say the Spurs is the model franchise for the last 20, 25 years right? Most people would say that.

"Well they've never won back to back. Yet, the guys who won a championship, other than the guys who have retired are still there. So you can fool yourself and think, 'Oh, we didn't win it this year, time to break it up' and you may never get that opportunity again."

"That's on them. I don't know, and to be honest with you, I don't care. That's not my worry. My worry is to go out there and try to perform every day, bring what I can bring. All that business stuff, I have an agent for him to handle that and they can do their job."

For once during their stretch of dominance, the Warriors are facing strong competition, both from the East and the West. Golden State failed to win 60 games for the first time under Steve Kerr this season, and the addition of Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets thrust them into championship contention. On top of that, LeBron, in his 15th season mind you, is having a career year with a rejuvenated roster, and will be hungry for another title to bring home to Cleveland.

As things stand, the Warriors are still the favorites to win the Larry O'Brien in June. But if for some reason -- either due to Curry's injury or otherwise -- the Dubs fail to win a third title in four years, we could be looking at a completely different roster for the Warriors in 2019.