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Dirk Nowitzki will retire after the end of this season?

AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman

AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman

For 18 years, we have watched that amazing high arching shot swish the net time and time again. For 18 years, we’ve watched one-legged faders, and finesse looking shots find their way into the basket. For 18 years, Dirk Nowitzki has been the face of international basketball for the NBA.

But, according to multiple reports, there’s a chance that this could be his final season.

It has always been Dirk’s plan to play in the league for 20 years. His health has usually been stable, and the Mavs are usually always respectable. A great coach, interesting owner, and the stable organization has created a safe and favorable environment for Dirk to succeed. So a twenty-year career has always seemed realistic for Nowitzki. Throughout the years, The Big German has always had teammates to take the load off of him, and they usually always had a chance to compete.

But this year, however, everything seems to be different.

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Dirk just doesn’t have that same magic anymore. He can no longer torch the league in the way that made him such a special talent to begin with. The amount of games he’s missed is adding up, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be back to full strength anytime soon. The Mavs? Well, they sit at the bottom of the West and are tied for the worst record in the league.

So now Dirk remains as the only star…and even he is (obviously) not 100% healthy.

According to, issues with his Achilles tendon might play a major factor on when he decides to call it a career. When referring to retirement, he had this to say: “If things dont go so well and it hurts everywhere, it could be that 2017 will be the end.

Whether or not Dirk has enough health or motivation to go on after this year is something that only he could know. Without him, though, the Mavs would likely start a complete rebuild.

So even with all the accolades this legend has, it’s becoming quite clear that the long road of his storied and amazing NBA career is running short.


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