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Dirk Nowitzki Is A Big Fan Of Bulls Rookie Lauri Markkanen


Being compared to Kristaps Porzingis, while extremely uncommon, is one hell of a compliment.

For Bulls rookie Lauri Markkanen, that's exactly the type of positive feedback he's earned over his short NBA tenure. Averaging 15 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 1.3 assists, the Chicago big-man has surely turned more than a few heads this season. One of them being Dirk Nowitzki himself, who so far as to say he resembled the Latvian New York superstar.

“It’s amazing all the talent that keeps flooding in from Europe now with Porzingis obviously coming Sunday, who’s on an amazing run already,” Nowitzki said. “This kid has got the same upside. He’s not quite as long as Porzingis, but I mean that offensive game is already very polished. Shoots it with range, seems confident out there. He’s gonna be great for a long time.”

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Saying Lauri has got the same upside as KP is quite a quote, but it still hasn't been proven wrong.

As the Bulls' seaosn progresses, we'll see just what this young stud is made of.