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Did Pop Just Say That The Warriors Deserve Problems?


Oh, how the antics of Gregg Popovich never get old.

In a chat with the media before tonight's game against the Warriors, Pop was asked to speak on a very interesting topic regarding Steve Kerr. It's no secret that the often animated Golden State leader likes to make his feelings known frequently on the basketball floor, much to the distaste of the officials.

As a result, Kerr has five technical fouls for the season already (extremely high for a coach), a mark that most would find pretty shocking.

But for Pop's response, he decided to go a different route.

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"...because they deserve promlems?" Either Popovich is trying to make a point here, or it's just a simple jest to poke-fun at the media member for asking a silly question. Knowing Pop, sounds like it was more on the joking side.

Still, there's plenty of folk who seriously feel as if the Dubs deserve a little bad luck, be it by injury, chemistry, or officiating. And the Warriors haven't exactly been a "likeable" team either. KD, Draymond and Kerr grab up techs like it's a marathon, at least a third of their fanbase hopped on the bandwagon a year ago, and they have taken away much competitiveness from the NBA game today by being such a dominant force on the floor.

And while our friend Pop would probably rather not have to deal with the Dubs on a yearly basis, he doesn'y consider himself a hater like the rest of them.

Rather, he just doesn't care at all.