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Details About The Ball Brothers' New Lithuanian Coach Have Been Released, And They're Hilarious


If you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, you may not have heard the latest on Lonzo Ball's younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo.

To summarise, LaVar Ball pulled both boys out of high school and college respectively so they could both focus on the NBA draft, and recently came to an agreement with a basketball team over in Lithuania for his two son's to play professionally in Europe.

The team in question is Prienu Vytautas, a first-division team over in Europe. According to Shams Charania of The Vertical, both sons signed on for one-year and will reportedly head over there in January of next year.

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According to ESPN's Fran Fraschilla -- an expert when it comes to international basketball -- however, the two Ball brothers are going to be in for one massive culture shock when they move.

You can just imagine their reactions as they read through the list above:

"Free-wheeling pick-and-roll offense? Not bad, not bad... Doesn't speak English? Uh, that could be a bit of an issue... Screams the entire game? No worries, we're used to dad screaming at us every game anyway... Sold meat out of the back of his car??"

Truth be told, both LiAngelo and LaMelo are going to have to put in a lot of work if they hope to succeed over in Lithuania, as not only will they be facing off against grown men, they'll also have to deal with a huge language barrier, as well as a pretty eccentric coach it seems.