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Derrick Rose's New Wife Is Apparently A Racist After Controversial Tweets Emerge


Well, this definitely isn't a good reflection on Derrick Rose or his new wife's character, is it.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that during Derrick Rose's sabbatical from the Cleveland Cavaliers at the start of the season, he actually used the time away from the team to elope with his current wife Alaina Anderson, who is actually pregnant with Rose's newest child.

“Remember when the former MVP has decided to take time away from the Cavaliers and weigh his basketball future, well reportedly he was just getting hitched. According to our source, Derrick reportedly eloped with his longtime girlfriend Alaina, who is pregnant. Our insider explained, “Derrick and Alaina wanted to start their family as a married couple.” We’re told that the wedding was small and private. At the time of his hiatus, former league MVP Rose claimed that he was taking personal time “to evaluate his future in the NBA ” and that his numerous injuries were “taking a toll on him mentally.” Nope, just needed to get married.”

Rose's absence raised more questions than it ended up answering, as many fans began to again question D-Rose's commitment to the Cavs.

Well, fans should also be questioning Rose's ability to chose suitable partners, as apparently there's more to Anderson than meets the eye.

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It seems that Rose's new wife is actually a bit of a racist believe it or not.


She doesn't seem too concerned with other people knowing that she's a racist if she's openly tweeting this stuff out, even if it was seven years ago.

What makes the situation even weirder though, is the fact Anderson actually has African-American heritage in her family.

Now that is super strange.