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Derrick Rose Has A Message To The Fans In Wake Of His Latest Comeback


When it was first revealed that Derrick Rose was "stepping away from the game" to re-think his basketball future, many NBA fans felt grief concerning the wicked turn the career of the former MVP had taken.

After his short stint with the Knicks failed, he signed with the Cavaliers this past summer, in hopes of contributing to a Championship team. Yet again, however, injury and controversy eventually took over. Of course, things seemed to have died down a little now, with Rose having finally rejoined the team.

And with his return date still unknown, and fans wondering about his current emotional state, the Cleveland point guard issued a message that should put some of those concerns to rest, in a Q & A with ESPN's Marc Spears on The Undefeated:

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“Be patient. I’m good. I’m just taking my time,” Rose said. “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not depressed. I’m good. A lot of people think I’m depressed because of what I’m going through. It’s the total opposite. I learned from my mistakes three or four years ago when I put myself into a shell -- And now that I am in this position, it’s only right that I learn from the best. I’m staying with my team, staying with my family, communicating and just being open.”

Since the story hit national headlines a few months ago, misconceptions have been running rampant regarding the whole situation. Remember those rumors about Rose considering retirement? Apparently, that thought never crossed his mind. After being asked if he came close to being done forever, the veteran guard made sure to put those falsehoods to bed as well, saying "No. No. That’s stupid. I don’t want to even talk about that. But I’m just happy that LeBron understood."

For Derrick, his love of the game hasn't fizzled... at least, not yet. Despite the lowballs, despite te injuries, despite the hardships, he still sees plenty of reason to play NBA basketball.

"I’m in love with the game. The love of the game. I still am a winner. I still love learning the game." said Rose, describing what's keeping him from calling it quits. "Where else can you learn more than from Golden State or Cleveland? LeBron has been to the Finals eight times and seven straight years. I played against him a lot of times. I’ve learned so much from him and the whole team. It’s just a fun experience being around this team."

And even on the cusp of all these injuries, Derrick Rose is still seeing the light, and he wants his fans to know that he's doing just fine. If nothing else, the attitude and perseverance of this once great Chicago athlete is proof that he really is made of something special.